Building Systems Commissioning Commissioning (Cx) is defined many ways by different groups, but at its core commissioning is the process of verifying that each of the systems within a building or project operate as intended and according to the guidelines set out in the owner's project requirements (OPR). Commissioning is typically pigeonholed into one of four categories: Basic Cx, LEED Fundamental Cx, LEED Enhanced Cx and Retro-Commissioning. Welcome Basic Commissioning Basic commissioning is defined in many different ways and is basically driven by the specification for each individual project.  ASHRAE provides a more descriptive definition referring to it in terms of new buildings as a process that  “focuses on verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements”. LEED Fundamental Cx Include at least the  following in the scope of commissioning: Heating, cooling,  refrigeration, ventilation systems and controls Lighting and day lighting controls Domestic hot water Renewable energy systems Review owner’s project requirements (OPR) Review basis of design (BOD) Develop Cx plan and test forms Verify installation and performance Perform functional performance testing Compile and deliver final Cx report   Retro-Commissioning Retro-commissioning  adapts the building Cx process to existing buildings.  The goal of RCx is to produce a building that meets the needs of the owner as specified in their OPR as well as allowing it to operate as efficiently as possible.  In newer buildings RCx can help to resolve problems that were never addressed during the building’s design and construction.  The focus in older facilities for RCx is to address new issues that have developed since construction either through equipment failure or as a result of maintenance issues.  RCx seeks to improve the way a building’s systems function together, how they are maintained and to enhance the building’s overall performance. LEED Enhanced Cx Enhanced commissioning  is added to the requirements for LEED fundamental commissioning and involves the following additional requirements: • Get involved during the design phase of the project Design review of 50% construction documents Develop Cx plan and test forms Review contractor submittals Develop systems manual for commissioned systems Verify training requirements are complete Perform 8-10 month building review Compile and deliver final Cx report Our employees hold the following certifications in Building Systems Commissioning NEBB - Building Systems Commissioning AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)  Certified Commissioning Agent ASHRAE - Commissioning Process Management Professional Certification We are also certified LEED AP 3.0   ASHRAE CERTIFIED  “Commissioning Process Management Professional Certification”