Infrared Thermography ASHRAE Level III Audit The “Level III Audit” is an advanced level audit used to dig into specific details prior to large capital expenditures that have been focused on as a result of the lower level analysis.  Sometimes referred to as an "investment-grade audit", this review may involve extensive data monitoring through data loggers or energy management systems, detailed system testing and system specific energy monitoring to reveal information for a cost benefit analysis of the capital expenditures.  This analysis defines the strategies available to the building owner as well as the risk and benefits of each potential path, modeling reliable estimates of proposed energy and financial savings.  The ASHRAE Level III audit also satisfies the requirements for additional points as outlined in the USGBC’s LEED for Existing Buildings program for Operations and Maintenance.  
Energy Audits Both commercial and residential represent one of the key tools that can be used in order to diagnose inefficient energy use within a facility.  Depending on the depth of savings you wish to pursue, we can implement ASHRAE level I, II or III audits to determine the areas of waste within your building.  All levels of audits are conducted by a vendor-neutral auditor who is an AEE “Certified Energy Manager” with extensive experience in the energy efficiency industry, never by a salesman trying to push a product. Welcome ASHRAE Level I Audit The “Level I Audit” is used to focus on low cost and/or no cost energy savings frequently referred to as the "one-day" or "walk-through" audit.  This low level approach is implemented through a  brief review of energy bills and a limited survey of the facility to provide an indicator of the building’s level of energy efficiency. This introductory level investigation helps to define blatent issues that can be quickly and easily resolved.  While this represents a first step, it should not be considered comprehensive.  Often the information found at this level provides a stepping stone for which systems should be looked at more in-depth.   An ASHRAE Level I audit also satisfies one of the prerequisite requirements for the USGBC’s LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.   ASHRAE Level ll Audit The Level II audit includes the same steps included in the ASHRAE Level I analysis, but takes this process to the next level by doing a more intricate review of energy calculations and providing a financial analysis detailing to the owner the benefits of implementing each energy saving procedure, including Life Cycle Analysis and Return on Investrment.  This provides the owner with the tools needed to determine where he wants to spend his budgeted assets and the benefits he will reap from these investments.  For those pursuing LEED certification under the existing building’s program, there are also points that can be earned for this process. Power Metering